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From: Alex
Subject: Father's Love Series - Chapter 7A Father's LoveChapter 7By AlexTyler tentatively walked over to the wall and picked up the boxers that
he'd been wearing that morning. As his fingers reached out to grasp the
fabric his mind began to forget about the anger he had towards himself
about what he had done. As he lifted them up to his face he closed his
eyes and all he could remember was the feelings. He felt so secure under
is dad's arm, so warm and sheltered. He took a little lolitas russian pics
slow breath and was flooded
with the smell of his dad. He turned and sat down on his bed and as if
moving in slow-motion, lay back bringing the boxers up to his face again.
As he lay down a wet part of the boxers fell against his chin. The cool
feeling made him jump a little bit and knowing that it was David's cum sped
the tent that was growing in his sweatpants that were quickly becoming too
tight.He slid the shorts up his face and felt the wet spot run over his
lips. Sticking his tongue out slightly he was able to taste the sweet
flavor of his dad's semen and it was on his own boxer shorts. It tasted
different that the precum he tasted earlier but knowing that it was his
dad's spurred him on. He opened his mouth wide and let the wet spot drop
past his lips and into his mouth. His other hand lowered into the
waistband of his sweatpants and grasped onto his very hard dick. Giving
himself a squeeze he sucked on the fabric in his mouth and was rewarded
with a sweet drop of cum on his tongue. He let go of his dick and ran his
hands down along his balls and pressed his fingers into his butt crack and
felt the cum that lolitas 8 16 nude was still damp in his hairless buttcrack. He quickly sat
up and pulled the boxers away from his face. "What if there's more on the
bed?" he thought to himself.Tyler ran over to the door. He slowly opened it and peeked out to see if
anyone was around. The coast was clear so he rushed into his dad's room
and closed the door as quietly as he could and locked it. He quickly
pushed his sweatpants down off his feet and with the boxers in his left
hand; he walked over to the bed.David sat back as Chip maneuvered the busy streets. His mind
understandably preoccupied with the events of that morning. He put his
hand on his thigh and brushed the head of his cock under his pants. He
scooted his hand closer to his belt and ran his palm along the length of
his shaft as he looked out the window. His mind bounced back to the moment
he woke up, the very moment as he yanked Tyler's hip back and blew his load
between his butt cheeks. His dick was getting hard under his hand the more
David thought about where his cock was. His mind created preteen lolita model photography the images of his
hardon, wet with precum, gliding between the little teen's thighs poking
out in the front with every thrust. As though he were watching a tape taken
from above of the whole event he could see his cock disappearing between
Tyler's tight creamy thighs."Do you want me to wait at the office or do you think you'll be a while
today?" Chip's voice popped in.David took his hand off his lap and pulled himself back to reality. "How
bout you just wait for me for a few minutes. I'll find out how much stuff
I need to get done and then I'll let you know if you can wait or come
back.""Sounds good like a plan."As they neared the office David tried to get his thoughts off of Tyler but
it wasn't working. As he stepped onto the elevator he thought about what
Tyler meant when he was apologizing. Why would he want to apologize? What
if it was him who started it?Tyler crawled back up onto the bed and found a wet spot on the sheets. He
lay on his little lolitas russian pics back so that his narrow butt covered the wet spot and again he
took the boxers in his hands. He opened up his shorts and found the very
center of the wet spot. It was completely soaked and practically dripping
with his dad's load. He lowered it to his naked and very hard dick and
rubbed it all over, moaning as he felt the cool cum spread all over his
shaft. Using his dad's cum as lube he slid his hand up and down over his
swollen head while he pulled the boxers back up his body rubbing the wet
spot all the way up the center of his stomach and chest. He opened his
mouth wide and pushed the whole wet spot again, into his mouth and moaned
as the flavor roused his taste buds. The sweet taste delighted his senses
as he stroked himself. Taking his hand from the boxers he pressed his
fingers between his thighs and rubbed them around the slick preteen lolita model photography cream as he
fervently stroked his dick. He spread his legs wide on the bed and almost
by accident his fingers rubbed across his hole, nearly pushing himself over
the edge from that brief touch. He gasped through his underwear and
quickly pushed his fingers back against his asshole. His breathing got
heavier with teen nude young lolli easy new sensation coming from his little hole. He remembered
how David's cock felt when it pushed hard against it and slid down it. The
way that as David pulled him back he could feel a sting as his head tried
to punch through his virgin hole. He pushed his finger against his ass as
every muscle in best top lolitas 1000 his supple body tightened at his orgasm. His balls pulled
tight against his body and he could feel the cum burning its way out of his
head as he shot. He looked down just in time to see his first blast fly
through the air and land on his chin and neck. The rest of his load landed
onto his chest while he continued to wiggled his finger against his butt.After what felt like an eternity of ecstasy, his body relaxed and he pulled
his finger out of his crack. He lay on the bed covered in his own cum. He
lowered his legs and took his underwear out of his mouth and as he let go
of his dick he ran his hand up his chest young girls loli bbs
smearing his load up his body.David's erection grew under his suit as he thought of the whole thing being
started by Tyler while he was still sleeping. He put his hands into his
pockets to lolitaguy ls magazine issue hold his cock down while he neared his floor. As the doors
opened, his secretary greeted him and started giving him a break down of
the activities of the weekend. His agents had rented and sold quite a few
properties and there were a number of contracts that he had to sign to
close the deal on a merger he'd been working on to buy out one of the
smaller realty companies in his area. It didn't look like there was going
to be very much work to be done that he had to do himself so he told his
secretary to clear his schedule for the rest of the week."I'd really like to spend the rest of the week at home with Tyler, ya know,
help him get adjusted.""Yes sir," she said as she scribbled notes down on a small steno pad in her
hand. "oh and also, your travel agent called to see if you want to
continue with your cruise this year like you did last year or if you wanted
to make any changes."David stopped in his tracks and one could almost see the light bulb appear
over his head. "Yes- absolutely- that'll be perfect. Call her back and
tell her to add another ticket- wait- two more tickets and tell her young girls loli bbs I'll
call her from home tomorrow with some suggestions.""Yes sir," she said with a smile. "I'll make sure that gets done today."After about 15 minutes of speaking with a few of his other employees, David
sat down in his office and called down to Chip who was parked in the
basement of the building. "You might as well just wait for me- I should
only be a couple minutes.""Sounds good David, just call me when you're ready to go and I'll meet you
at the little lolitas 10 yrs front doors." Chip said back in a rather distracted tone, which was
just different enough for David to notice."Is everything okay?" David asked"Yea- I was just readjusting the seat.""Okay- I'll call when I'm ready." With that David hung up the phone and
got back to his contracts.Tyler felt so relaxed he knew that if he didn't get up and move around a
little bit, that he'd fall asleep. And even though sleeping naked on his
dad's bed sounded appealing he didn't want to get caught. Tyler picked up
his boxers and walked over to the door and quietly opened it to see if
anyone was in the hallway. "All clear" he though to himself as he took the
few fast steps out his dad's door and into his own. He paused for a minute
once he was inside his room as he decided whether or not to take a shower.
He wanted to because he felt gross but washing the load out of his butt
crack is what made him rethink it. In the end he decided to wash up.After dropping David off, Chip had called his boyfriend. Finding out that
he had a break in between a couple of classes and that he was only a few
minutes away young lolita photo galleries
from campus, Chip drove to pick up Asher outside of his last
class. So instead of sitting in the parking garage like David assumed,
Chip was now behind the School of Medicine at UCSD with Asher.Chip hung up his phone from talking with David and leaned back against the
rear seat. "Damn that was close." he muttered as Asher's lips opened and
engulfed his cock again. The leather felt cool against Chip's bare back as
his shirt lay with Asher's on the floor of the car. Asher had an amazing
mouth and all Chip could manage to say was "Oh my god" and "fuck yea" as he
ran his fingers through Asher's shaggy hair. Asher loved to please and
especially loved the way Chip reacted to his blowjobs. With each grunt and
grown that passed his lips, Asher's mouth would get that much more
hungry. With his free hand Asher was quickly unbuttoning his shorts and
pushing them down over his ass as he bobbed up and down on the delicious
cock in front of him.Bringing Chip to the edge over and over again was filling the long car with
so much moaning that he was sure that someone would hear the raucous but
that never bothered him. Asher loved to suck cock and Chip was definitely
noticing but after 20 minutes of sucking he brought Chip up to the point of
no return and he quickly pulled his lips off of the dripping hardon and
turned around on all fours, "Shoot in me again" he said offering his ass
for Chip to take. Wasting no time Chip was on his knees in an instant
pushing his pants down a few more inches, straightened up and pulled Asher
backwards impaling him on his staff. Asher threw his head back and gasped
as he was suddenly stretched open and with a grimace on his face he bit his
lower lip and accepted his man's fucking.Tyler opened the door to the bathroom and was greeted with a billow of
steam which resulted from the bath he had started to draw. Completely
naked, he had been looking out his window at the people collecting on the
beach. The hot water felt good as he stepped into the bathtub and he began
lowering himself into the water. He jumped as he balls reached the water
and then his little butt. skinny asian galleries lolita After a couple seconds of cool down he lowered
himself into the water and leaned back against the tub.He loved baths ever since he could remember, showers were preferred when
the clock was ticking but he loved to soak. He ran his hands up and down
his body paying special attention to his armpits, feet and face and then
down to his dick. The hot water was plumping his dick up and made his
balls hang loosely in his sack. He played with them for a few minutes,
gently swishing the water around them, feeling the current flowing through
his wispy pubic hair and across the smooth surface of his balls. He spread
his legs wide in the jacuzzi tub and waved the hot water into his butt
crack. He purred inside as he rubbed his fingers up and down the hairless
trough and circled his rosebud.His whole body tingled the more he played in his butt crack. Using both
hands www naturist lolita com he'd spread his cheeks apart under the water and rub up and down
periodically pushing just the very tip of his finger up against his hole.
Everything around it was tender from all the action that it had seen that
morning. He tried lifting his legs up in the water to give himself better
access and after a few different position, rested on his back with his face
just a couple inches above the water with his thin legs pulled up to his
chest. He closed his eyes and wished David would walk in right then. He
imagined that he was on the bed with his dad again. From pictures he had
seen online he knew what he wanted.He stretched his legs back out and slid up to the head of the tub as he
rubbed his hands up from his thighs to his chest feeling the firm bumps of
his little nipples. He resumed playing with his dick, rubbing it very
loosely, not enough to be jerking off but just enough to feel good.Chip laid forward onto Asher's back as he continued slamming his cock into
him. Asher loved it hard and that's exactly how Chip liked to deliver
it. With his left hand wrapped around Asher's tight stomach, Chip used his
left hand to pull Asher's head back a bit so their lips could meet while
Chip's breathing got heavy. Asher kept his hands on the seat in front of
him so he could support them both and even though he hadn't touched himself
since he pulled his mouth off his boyfriend's cock, he was already on the
verge of cumming. Each jab from Chip's cock stabbed him in the prostate
making him grunt, he was sure with each pounding his cock was most of the
way up to his neck."Oh fuck yea Chip- OHHHHGGG- God! Ride my ass" he yelped as Chip increased
his pace."God damn you're so tight- CHRIST!" Chip moaned. He knew he wasn't going
to be able to last much longer inside such a hot hole. "You want my cum
baby?" He said breathlessly"Oh fuck yea stud! I want your fucking cum up my ass!" Asher squeezed and
clenched his ass as hard as he could, "Feel how tight I am- god I want you
to shoot in me!"Chip started giving Asher long irregular thrusts pulling his cock almost
completely out and then following them with rapid short jabs. Chip's
movements were loosing their rhythm Asher knew any moment he was going to
get filled again which pushed him over the edge. Asher's body went wild as
he bucked back against Chip. No longer caring about anything other than
the cock in his ass Asher cried out loud enough that anyone within 15 feet
could have heard him. "Oh my god- shit Chip I'm gonna cum- I can't stop it-
oh god FUCK the cum outta me- unnnngnghghhh- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"The energy coming from Asher's pulsing ass quickly took Chip up to the
edge. Chip tried to hold his orgasm back as hard has he could as was able
to rack Asher's ass with another volley of fifteen or twenty more long hard
slams before he bit Asher's shoulder and emptied his balls inside his hot
little medical student's hungry hole.David's mind was definitely elsewhere as he pawed through the contracts
before him. The idea that Tyler started the events that transpired just a
few hours ago kept him hard the whole time he was behind his desk. His
cock pressed against the underside of his desk drawer as he verified dates,
amounts and benefits for his soon to be employees. Finally he had come to
the last one. He gave Chip a call on his speaker phone to have him meet
him out in front of the building in 10 minutes.Chip and Asher enjoyed their afterglow wrapped in each other's arms kissing
each other tenderly. Even with as wild as Chip got during sex, pretty little lolitas forum afterwards,
he was as gentle as a kitten and very affectionate. Asher loved that about
him more than anything, it was at moment's like this that they really knew
they loved eash other.. Chip pulled one hand free just enough to pick up
the phone "Are you ready to go David?""Just about- give me about ten minutes and I'll meet you out front.""Sounds good"Chip always waited till David hung up the phone and as soon as he did he
closed his phone and gave Asher a very long and loving kiss as they pressed
their sweaty bodies together. "I better get going" Asher said, "I told a
few people I'd meet them at Perks to go over today's lectures.""Okay- are you going to be home tonight?" Chip asked as they twisted and
wiggled back into their clothes."Yea I should be- gimme a call when you're done with work" Asher said,
pulling his pants up and turning his shirt back right side out.Another brief kiss and they both crawled out of the back seat as Asher
headed back towards campus and Chip climbed up front to go back to the
office.**As always guys, I'd love to hear your thoughts!**
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